is a journalism project focused on Appalachia and written by those who left–and returned–home. Our writing covers politics, culture, and economics in the region to show its dynamism, problems, and changes.


Our Story

The expatalachians team was formed in 2017 by a group of Ohio University alumni who were passionate about Appalachia. We were inspired to write and learn more about the region ourselves. For us, this project connects us to our roots in Appalachia, a place we all still call home. Nearly a year after we discussed the idea, we released our first article in October 2018. Since then we’ve continued to publish articles every week related to the environment, politics, history, and more in Appalachia. 

Our Global Team

Our group is made up of young professionals from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. It has expanded naturally among friends and colleagues over time. Many of us attended Ohio University in Southeast Ohio. These days, our members are scattered throughout the United States (Ohio, West Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina) and abroad (Scotland and Morocco). 

We are aspiring journalists, community developers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and environmentalists. Our experiences, professions, and backgrounds are ranging. We hope to bring a multifaceted perspective of Appalachia to our readers.

College Green, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (1970s) by “Sent From the Past”

Our Goals

We hope to continue to grow expatalachians into a dynamic media source. Some of our long-term goals for the project include:

  • Highlighting the diversity of people and experience in Appalachia
  • Connecting the academic world with the public, making information more accessible
  • Writing stories that reflect the realities of people living in the region
  • Connecting with other expatalachians across the US and the globe who still care about their roots